Dear Families,

Just as at home, behavior in the classroom is a very important aspect in our day. To ensure that all students have the best opportunities to learn, this year our class is using a clip chart behavior system. The clip chart is located in the classroom and each student has their own clip (clothespin) placed on the chart.
At the start of each day, all clips begin on “ready to learn” which is color coded green. As the day progresses, students will move their clips up or down in response to the choices they make. Students who move down the chart will have opportunities to move back up the chart as their behavior improves.
At the end of each day, students will record their color for the day in their agenda. If a student’s clip is on yellow, orange, or red at the end of the day an explanation of why will either be recorded in their agenda, or sent to you in an e-mail or a phone call depending on the severity of the behavior.
The clip chart also ties in to our money standard, as each day students can earn or lose money based on what color their clip is on. Students will keep track of the money they earned and can spend their money on an award of their choice.
Below is the order of the clip chart so you know what each color represents and how much money can be earned or lost each day:

Pink-Outstanding! (+20 cents)
Purple- Great job! (+15 cents)
Blue- Good job! (+10 cents)
Green- Ready to Learn (+5 cents)
Yellow- Slow down (-5 cents)
Orange- Think about it (-10 cents)
Red- Parent Contact (-15 cents)

Thank you for your support in creating a positive learning environment.

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