Saturday, October 8, 2016

I hope everyone had a great fall break- I know I did! We had a busy first week back from fall break- I have started giving students their individual reading assessments to see where their reading level is now, and I have been so impressed with the progress I have seen so far! Continue reading every night for 20 minutes (and putting it in the October reading log!) and working on the reading fluency sheet- it really does help!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the Foundation during the Foundation funding drive- we were one of the top 2 classes in 2nd grade with most participation of donating, so we will be getting an extra I-Pad for our class soon. This now brings us up to 3 I-pads we get to have in our class everyday-WOOHOO!!!

For math we have been counting up pennies, nickels, and dimes. Now we are starting to solve word problems with these coins, so if you have opportunities to count change at home, please do so!

This week we will be finishing up our unit on Creek and Cherokee Indians by having students compare and contrast their life today to the lives on the Creek and Cherokee in the past. Students will be comparing their clothes, food, transportation, jobs, houses, and much more!

Students had another fun (and yummy) lesson in the science lab this week. Students saw how the states of matter changed when they made their very own ice cream! No better way to start a Monday after a fall break than eating ice cream first thing in the morning!

                Cheering on our SLT representative Lily at the SLT Inauguration Friday morning!

We will be getting ready for conference week this week by finishing up the narratives we will be sharing, looking over our data from this quarter, and goal setting with an academic and behavior goal. This will all be shared with you when you come to the conference with your child- we cannot wait! If you have not returned your conference sheet yet, please do so as soon as possible so I can work on rescheduling conferences if needed. Thanks!

Conference week will also be Red Ribbon Week and Book Fair week, so be prepared for a fun and exciting week! Just a reminder, students are dismissed everyday at 12:15 this week.

Here is the red ribbon week schedule:

                Red Ribbon Week Theme: Happy, Healthy, Making Good Choices!
October 17-21, 2016
Red Ribbon Week is a national event that promotes drug awareness and prevention each year. At Addison, we use this week to encourage our students to make healthy choices. We hope you will support us in celebrating happy, healthy choices at home! J
Monday – “Make a pledge Monday!” to live a healthy life – Eat veggies & fruit  At the start of this nationally recognized Red Ribbon Week – Students will receive Red Ribbon Week ribbons/pencils to show that they pledge to live a healthy life! Fruits and vegetables make you feel better and improve memory so eat veggies and fruit every day! They are great snacks!
Tuesday – “Tell a joke Tuesday!” Laugh today!  Research shows that laughter reduces stress. Share a joke with your class and with your family today.
Wednesday – “Wear Red Wednesday!”  Wear red to support a healthy life!
Thursday – “Thirsty Thursday!”  Water quenches your thirst, keeps you cool, cleans out toxins in your body, and keeps your energy up! Skip sugary drinks, Drink Water!
Friday – “Fantastic Fitness Friday!”  Exercise your body today and every day because we know that exercise does a body good! Make recess a special time today. Organize a game with another class. Choose a family activity that gets you moving as you kick off the weekend! 

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