Sunday, October 23, 2016

We made it through conference week! I want to thank everyone so much for coming out to their child's conference. The students really enjoyed sharing their progress with you, and I did as well!

We are on a great start to the 2nd nine weeks. We started a new addition strategy in math called the doubles/near doubles strategy. Basically, it teaches students that if you have a problem with two numbers close together, such as 7 + 8, you can double the smaller number and then just add 1. Most students know their doubles facts, which makes the strategy helpful with facts that are close to doubles problems. See the chart below for an idea of how the strategy works:

For Monday's science lab lesson, students got to spend some time outside and looked for signs of autumn. Every time a new season begins, we will take another walk outside and look for signs of how the seasons change.

On Wednesday one of our classmates, Garrett,  got to be Principal for the Day with his older brother. He came to our class to present the reading awards from the Fall break challenge. Garrett was a great Principal!

Friday was mismatched sock day and we had a few students participate. The class voted for the craziest socks and mostly agreed that Ronan had the craziest mismatched socks!

As far as some upcoming events, we have a lot going on! Here are a few important dates to keep in mind:

October 28th- "Boovie" Night
October 31st- Fire Safety Village Field Trip
November 4th- Fall Festival
November 11th- Movie Night (and Parents night out) hosted by 2nd grade teachers!
***This is an auction hosted by the Foundation. Bidding starts at $20 per child (grades K-5 only) and the event will take place at the school from 5:30-8:00 and students will get to watch the Peanuts Movie and have pizza, popcorn, and snacks! There are 35 slots available and I would love to see some of my students there! If you are interested in a Parent night out, please consider signing up for event here:  

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