Sunday, February 12, 2017

The past few weeks have been busy in 2nd grade, but we have had a lot of fun, and there are still a lot of exciting things to look forward to!

2nd grade won the Penny Wars celebration and got to celebrate with a hot cocoa party! It was a nice treat for a cold Monday!

We also enjoyed a wonderful ballet performance of the fairy tale Snow White at the Cobb Energy Centre. We were at the performance with many other 2nd grade classes from other schools, and our grade level did a wonderful job representing Addison. Everyone was on their best behavior, and looked great too!

Speaking of field trips, we are going on one more field trip to the MLK Center in downtown Atlanta on March 3rd. This is the Friday when we return from our break, so we are asking for all permission slips and money to be returned by this Friday, Feb 17th. That way everything can be taken care of before our February break. We will go the King Center and get to see MLK Jr.'s house, as well as Ebenezer Baptist Church. This is always one of the students favorite field trips since they get to see many things they studied online and in books in real life. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

As far as academics, here is what we have been learning and what is coming up:

Reading- we will be starting our Fairy tale, folktale, and fables unit this week. We will begin with fables Monday, where students will learn what a fable is and will get the opportunity to hear many fables and see if they can figure out the moral or lesson from each fable.

Writing/language arts: Students have been doing much better with using adjectives in their writing, so now we are moving on to learning about adverbs. We will also continue with our opinion writing unit.

Math: Students have been practicing subtracting 3 digit numbers with the adding up in chunks strategy.

This strategy can be a little tricky since there is not one correct way to get the final answer on the number line. Some students like jumping by hundreds first, and some like finding the next 100, and then jumping from there. We will continue working on this strategy and partial sums next week, while solving word problems with 3 digit numbers.

Science: Students have enjoyed our space unit the past few weeks. We have been learning about the sun and how it causes shadows, seasons, and day and night. This week we will focus on  learning about stars and their size, patterns, and brightness. We will even get to go to the star lab on Tuesday! When we return from the break, we will focus on moon phases, so make sure you are still filling out your moon calendar! This Friday, 2nd grade is having a Space Day, where students will get to rotate around to the other 2nd grade classrooms and complete several different space activities for a fun review. 

Upcoming dates and reminders:
**February 14th- Valentine's Day and Star Lab
**February 15th- Six Flags reading logs due- read for 6 hours and get a free Six Flags ticket!
**February 16th- Publix Math Night 5-7pm
**February 17th- Space Day and MLK field trip permission forms due
**February 20th-24th February break-no school!
**March 3- MLK Field Trip, moon phases calendar due

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