Monday, March 6, 2017

Check out all the fun things we have had going on these past few weeks:

Students enjoyed learning about different careers during our career lesson presented by our counselor. They really loved the hands on experiences they got to do with each career.

We had a great trip to the King Center last week. Students got to tour museums, watch some videos in a theater, see Dr, King and his wife's graves and the eternal flame, visit Ebenezer Baptist Church, and see his childhood home. It was a busy day!

Today in science lab students finally got to use the pringles cans they brought in earlier this year and made stargazers. They can now look at different constellations through their stargazer. It was a fun way to end our space unit.

As far as academics, in reading we have been reading fables and fairy tales. Don't forget that this Friday is Fairy Tale/Folktale/Fable day and students may dress up as their favorite character from one of these kinds of stories. Students will get to rotate to the other 2nd grade classes and listen to different stories and complete activities about the story they listened to. Don't forget projects are due Wednesday, and we will be presenting projects on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Next week we will begin reading some folktales.

For writing, we have been working on opinion writing. Students are doing well with stating their opinion and giving reasons why they have that opinion, so we are mostly working on introducing our topic in a fun and interesting way, as well as providing details to explain our reasons. We have learned about adjectives and adverbs, so this week we will practice "expanding sentences" by using both kinds of words to come up with a super second grade sentence. We will also work on using more interesting vocabulary (shades of meaning) in our writing. For example, instead of using the word big, students should start using stronger words, such as gigantic, enormous, large, etc.

In math, students learned another way to subtract 3 digit numbers. We call this strategy partial differences.

It basically takes the idea of expanding the numbers in expanded form, and then subtracting them with the regrouping process.
Next week we will begin working on money again (coins and dollars), mostly through word problems. Students will also need to know how to use use the cent sign and dollar symbol correctly.

In Social Studies, we are learning about Jackie Robinson. We will discuss how his courage, patience, and dependability helped our country integrate Major League baseball.

That sums it up for now! Please let me know if you have any questions about anything going on in our class or the school.

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